Small round wooden pouch bag made of veneered walnut and black leather handle

  MATERIALS: wood, cherry, veneer, felt, leather, black, walnut


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The dimentions of the bag are 20cm in diameter and 8cm in hight.

The endings and handle covers are made of red mahogany wood, recycled of a 60 year old staircase.

The opening is secured with a small magnet, incorporated into the mahogany ending.

The casing is made of walnut, cherry or oak veneered mdf, treated for protection with a water based varnish.

The flexible cover is made of cherry vennered mdf and cotton fabric.

The cover and the red mahogany decoration is unvarnished.

The inside of the bag is coated with 5mm of bright colour felt (orange, purple, turquoise or red, depending on the availability on the market).
In the interior of the bag, where visible and there where the felt joins the wood, there is a covering with a small metallic measuring tape.

The handle is made of reinforced black leather, which length is enough for carrying the bag by the shoulder.

The weight of the bag is around 0.8 kgr.