Clutch Melon Wooden bag (The marquetry series)

  MATERIALS: wood, mahogany, bronze, felt, leather, cotton


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The traditional classic vocabulary found in ebenisterie is used as a departure point to give form to a personalized, small scale, furniture like objects.
The marquetry series of our wooden bags is an attempt to go further to the notion of combining traditional woodwork techniques in order to create specific mode accessories.

The handle is custom made with doubled turquage leather with a white stitching line. The length is adjustable and long enough for carrying the bag by the shoulder.
The attachments are from galvanized steal while the opening of the bag is made by combining mahogany wood, bronze and a small integrated magnet.

The dimensions of the bag are 37cm X 18cm X 8cm.

The inside of the bag is covered with a layer of turquage felt to provide protection and soften the touch.

In the interior of the bag, where visible and there where the felt joins the wood, there is a covering with a small metallic measuring tape.

The weight of the bag is approximately 1.3 Kgr.